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Walter Barroso

"I will never forget a saying from a teacher I had at Gastronomy University in 2007. I was talking about how I started my career and changed from Engineering to Gastronomy in just a few years. I remember saying, "Well, I have lost two years of my life, but now I think I'm in the right direction" - He stopped me before I finished this and said - "Remember one thing, Walter, you will never lose anything, everything you learn will remain there and will help you later on." The raw truth remained in my head forever, and you can see how the results. I have changed from Engineering to Gastronomy, and after that, to Architecture and Design. After all those jumps, here we are, mixing all in a nice, fresh, and interesting salad."

Bon Appetit!


Walter Barroso is an Architect, Digital Designer, and Gastronomist with 12 years of experience in design. With a major in Architecture and another in Gastronomy from the Catholic University of Santos in Brazil, he studied and explored Italian cuisine in Florence/Italy in 2009 and started his career working in kitchens for five years in various restaurants in Brazil. During Architecture school, product design was the immediate attention and passion. While in university, have launched dozens of products within the Brazilian furniture market for seven years until moving to Shanghai/China. In Shanghai, have been working for recognized European product design studios and have given more than 50 workshops for product design, brand, and digital design in partnership with Chinese Universities. Walter also worked for years with one of the biggest Chinese manufacturers of leisure goods, leading design teams from research to industrialization with a focus on a User-centered design approach for the EU, the US, and many worldwide markets.

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